The Total Communication Community

We are a community interest company (or CIC) based in Reading, Berkshire.

The Total Communication Community is  based around a single principle, the community.

We are devoted to improving and running community based projects that will benefit the local community.

The TC CIC has working partnerships with Reading Football Club Community Trust.

DEAFinitely Creaseless

A venture to create part time employment for Deaf people in the community.


What are our aims and objectives?

To set up and manage a venture offering an ironing collection and delivery service to the people and businesses of Reading.  To man this service with Deaf people from the community.

Where is the evidence of need?

Ironing services are thriving businesses as more and more people work longer and longer hours. Families with children often have both parents working and providing such a service with enable both parents to additional quality time with their children.

Single men will welcome such a service!

What will we do to address that need?

We aim to collect the ironing in specially sized baskets and charge either by the item or by the basket or by the hour (decision still to be made)

The baskets will be brought to the centre where items will be ironed and hung for either delivery back to the customer or collection.

Working in partnership with the Deaf Centre Trustees

We will run the service … all we ask is that you provide the space in which to operate (we are insured for the equipment and for the staff and will take full responsibility for that).  There will be little or no profit in the venture, the plan is to pass on all available income to the ironers, keep the cost to the customer low, and simply cover costs. Under the CIC this would be viewed as a ‘social enterprise’  and we would be accountable for our social mission with a pledge to re invest any profit.

Timescales and Resources

We are investigating suppliers of all we need, we have a Co-Ordinator, Karen Boswell already in place we just need to design and deliver our service leaflets but we can’t do that until the centre agrees to allow us to utilise a currently empty room. This may just be for the time being. The venture may not work! If it does and we can increase costs then we can pay rent to the centre.

We would like a 3 month trial (i.e some rent free space) in which to see whether we can get the venture off the ground and secure work for  some willing Deaf people who will be  earning some extra money.

We would aim to re visit costs / viability after 3 months.

Reading Deaf Football Team

This project was started in 2013 and has grown from strength to strength. After the formation of the team in April 2013, the team have been training and playing since. The official hand over of their Reading Football Club kits came on 5th April 2014 at the Madejski Stadium in Reading during half time.

The team is now playing against other hearing impaired teams all across the country.