Community Support Workers

For the deaf and deafblind communities and supporting all ages in Bucks and Berks.


Multi Sensory Advisory Service

We offer an advisory service to agencies, councils or community groups that are seeking advice when engaging the appropriate support for their clients. If you are bemused as to what support is appropriate to meet your clients' bespoke needs and subsequently how to find it, we can help. Just make contact and we can take it from there together. 

Outreach Service


Daily Living

Whether a person lives with their family or in a supported living environment we can provide day to day living support. Increasing independence, developing skills and improving quality of life is always our aim. Our 1:1 support programmes are key to the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the individual through goal setting and bespoke support plans.

Technology and Correspondence

Emails, texting and social media are all part of today's world and our lives. Often people with disabilities need nurturing and teaching on how to manage technology and its appropriate uses. Similarly the amount of post we seem to receive is growing! Working out what is important or not and what needs to be ignored or responded to is a skill in itself. We can educate and provide support in all respects.

Transition Support

At times in life we all need extra support. Moving house or to a new area can be bewildering without the added complexity of disability. We can support individuals through these periods of transition, working together to ascertain objectives and devise a realistic plan. 

Managing a Personal Budget

Managing a personal budget can be a difficult task for some. Our support can be to either take responsibility for the budget or work with the individual to manage it effectively.

...And we can support you too

Should you find yourself without the appropriate awareness of disability or sensory loss, we can help. We support individuals and teams to improve their skills and knowledge in all aspects, ensuring peace of mind. Our disability awareness training is available both live and online.


To talk to us about any of the information on this page, please call us on 0118 327 1013 and ask for our Community Support Co-Ordinator, Marie Lyn.


You can download a digital copy of our Community Support leaflet below.