Deafblind Communicator Guides

The role of a Deafblind Communicator Guide is to ensure that a person who has acquired Deafblindness is still able to lead as full a life as possible. A Communicator Guide can help with everyday tasks such as shopping, translating and drafting responses to correspondence, making and attending medical appointments.



Intervenors are trained professionals that work specifically with individuals who are congenitally Deafblind. Often congenital Deafblindness has associated learning difficulties or disabilities, communication complications and social integration obstacles.

An intervenor will work with the individual and their families in order to create goals. The Intervenor has completed specialist training in order to enable the individual to experience the world around them whilst working through their set aims. Where possible, familial involvement works well especially if families struggle supporting and communicating with their Deafblind relative.