Deaf Relay Interpreters are Deaf people that have a qualification in translating British Sign Language to English and vice versa.

If language and expression are problematic for a Deaf person a relay interpreter may be used to ensure successful communication is achieved. The ‘relay’ occurs between the BSL (hearing  interpreter), the Deaf relay interpreter and the Deaf person, clarification from the relay interpreter being the key to successful communication.



Advocacy is the act of arguing or pleading for something, most commonly a cause, idea or movement. In terms of BSL users, the term relates more specifically to expressing an opinion or view relating to services, choices, rights, opportunities or problems faced by Deaf people.

  • Advocacy can help to give Deaf people control over their own rights.
  • We can provide friendly, independent, experienced advocates for various domains e.g. legal, medical, mental health, employment services etc.
  • Advocacy breaks down barriers, aids the communication process and provides information in a clear, understandable manner for the Deaf person.
  • We can provide a service on a short or long term basis.